Why not join Guy in the Kettlercise Kitchen?

We just had to share this video with you, us here at HQ absolutely loved it….

Guy has been busy in the kitchen this morning and the results are not only delicious but greatly entertaining! Watch the Kettlercise guru turn his hand to a whole new venture, blending!

Are you looking for a great tasty breakfast or refreshing snack? Why not try the delicious Breakfast Smoothie, available in 4 great flavours: Strawberry Bliss, Vanilla Creme, Raspberry Dream and Melon Refresher.

Watch and see how to make a Delicious ‘Protein’ Breakfast Smoothie like Guy Noble (co-founder of the Kettlercise Program) does😉


Here’s the Recipe:

1 x Scoop of ‘Liberate Breakfast Smoothie

2 x tablespoons full of yoghurt

4 x Strawberries

1/2 x Banana

200ml of milk or water

Mix together in a blender and enjoy! Great to help you reach your weight loss goals!

We would love to know what you think and also what great smoothie recipes you have tried? We would love to know what your favourite ‘Smoothie’ is!

If you haven’t already got your tub of Breakfast Smoothie you can order now from Liberate Nutrition Direct: http://www.liberatenutrition.com/Liberate-Breakfast-Smoothie-Tub/product.html




Well Done Woking Kettlercise

We wanted to say a big Well Done to Kettlercise Instructor Gail Thurston of Woking Kettlercise and her class participants who took part in the Surrey Half Marathon.

They even ran with Kettlebells…….well knitted ones! Hehe!

They raised over £1,000’s for Woking Hospice!!! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Well done to you all it looks like you all had a great time and all for a good cause!

Kettlercise® Voted Netmums Favourite Adult Class!!



H.Core is Here!!

The Worlds NO#1 Kettlebell fitness class has just gone …….. H.Core!!

……..and we thought you might like a Sneaky Peek at the NEW H.Core Kettlercise® 6 Disc DVD box set.

 Don’t worry if you haven’t yet pre-ordered your copy you can still do so just

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 Want to know more about H.Core?

NOW you can take your training and your physique to the next level as Guy and the Kettlercise® team take you through six fat blasting, body sculpting, and shape transforming workouts. The Worlds No#1 Kettlebell Group Fitness Class just went H.Core.

H.Core IS THE complete all over body program that gets results…fastAre you ready for the workout of your life that is H.Core?
This NEW 6 DVD Box Set Includes:

Disc 1: ‘Coaching’ Program.
Includes step by step instruction of all of the basic, technical and abdominal exercises that make up the complete box series of H.Core workouts. Highly recommended that you master both technique & the exercises before commencing the programs to get THE very best results.

Disc 2: ‘Accelerator ‘Program
We warned you. This program is called accelerator for a reason. A ‘stepped up’ Full body workout that includes general pre warm up, mobility warm up, the main Accelerator routine and post cool down stretch.

Disc 3: ‘Full Throttle’ Program
This is THE big one! A full on fat burning, muscle toning workout that’s guaranteed to transform and sculpt in record time. Includes general pre warm up, mobility warm up, the main Full Throttle routine and post cool down stretch.
Disc 4: ‘Fast & Furious’ Program
The first of our shorter but extremely effective full body workouts. It’s fast, it’s furious and it’s perfect for when you areshort on time. Includes general pre warm up, the main Fast & Furious routine and post cool down stretch.

Disc 5: ‘Turbo Boost’ Program
Don’t be fooled by the length of this program as it’s designed to amplify your training to maximum intensity. Includes general pre warm up, the main Turbo Boost routine and post cool down stretch.

#BONUS DISC 1 Disc 6: ‘Abs 1 & Abs 2’ Program
Not 1 but 2 Abdominal programs dedicated to specifically sculpt, define and tone that midsection. Each of the 2 Abs Programsinclude pre warm ups and post cool down stretches.
#SPECIAL BONUS 2: Complete ‘Transformation Tool Kit‘ Guide:  6 Disc Box Set also contains a complete step by step guide……with everything you need to know to get started and to get you through the 12 week fat busting, body transforming workout schedules and programs that are H.Core!! Transformation Tool Kit Includes:

– Nutritional Guide
– Supportive Supplement Guide
– 12 Week Progressive Training Schedule
– Workout template
– How to get the most out of the H.Core program
– The 5 common mistakes when using the H.Core schedule.

All of this and much, much more!

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Now, some of the questions you may be asking yourself are who is the new H.Core DVD for?

“Is it for men?”  Or, “Is it for women?”

And maybe, just maybe “I think it’s going to be too hard for me?

The truth is the NEW H.Core DVD is for BOTH  men and women and dependent upon your  current level of fitness and ability would determine how you would start.

For example a female could start with as little as 2 x’s 2kg kettlebells and then progress
through to 2 x’s 4kg or 2 x’s 6kg and so on whereas for a guy it could be up to
2 x’s 12kg kettlebells………….but as I said before it all depends on your current ability and
level of experience with kettlebells already.

As long as you have SOME experience with Kettlebells and/or Kettlercise you
should be absolutely fine.

Box Set Total Running Time: Approx: 5 ½ hours

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Skipping breakfast primes the brain to seek out fat later in the day

Seriously if you haven’t yet seen this full article written by the BBC then there is no better time than NOW to read it!!  Research proves that Skipping breakfast, meals and fasting DOES prime the brain to seek out those extra calories later in the day’ ….

Brain scans show that skipping breakfast makes fatty, high calorie foods appear far more attractive later in the day, according to researchers.blogpic1

Scans of 21 people showed the brain was more attracted to food if breakfast was missed so people had MORE food at lunch.  Scientists said it made losing weight ‘challenging’ as missing meals made calorific food even more appealing.  Nutrition experts say breakfast IS known to take the edge off appetite.

However, researchers were curious about what happened inside the brain to alter the food people choose to eat.

Scans of twenty one people, who were all normal weight, were shown pictures of calorie packed foods while they were positioned in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine at Imperial College London.

On one day they were given no breakfast before the scans and on a different day they were fed a large, 730 calorie breakfast an hour and a half before.

blogpic2The researchers said skipping breakfast created a “bias” in the brain in favour of high calorie foods.

The results, presented at the Neuroscience 2012 conference, showed the brain changed how it responded to pictures of high calorie foods, but not low calorie foods, when breakfast was skipped.  They showed part of the brain thought to be involved in “food appeal”, the orbitofrontal cortex, became more active on an empty stomach.

When the researchers offered the participants’ lunch at the end of the study, people ate a fifth more calories if breakfast was missed.

Dr Tony Goldstone, from Imperial College London, said:Through both the participants’ MRI results and observations of how much they ate at lunch, we found ample evidence that fasting made people hungrier, and increased the appeal of high calorie foods and the amount people ate.  One reason it is so difficult to lose weight is because the appeal of high calorie food goes up.”

Dr Catherine Hankey, a senior lecturer in nutrition at the University of Glasgow, said research had shown that breakfast “takes the edge off appetite” and that the latest study was an “interesting” insight.  She said breakfast was linked to stable blood sugar levels, which “keeps you on the straight and narrow“.

We have just THE right solution…….

Introducing our L8 – Liberate range of Breakfast Smoothies:
“Has weight loss just got simple?”.

L-8SmoothieTubs4 (2)YOU DON’T have to skip breakfast, fast or miss meals to lose weight simply replace them with our delicious, nutritious, convenient, breakfast shake.

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Our L8 Liberate Breakfast Smoothie contains a unique blend of specially crafted fat loss formulas and slow release proteins helping you to feel fuller for longercombat hunger cravings and keep you going throughout the day………….it’s ONLY only 116 cals per serving but its packed full of the right balance of nutrition rich ingredients, pre-biotics and ever ready vitamins and minerals that are slowly released in to your system throughout the day

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Still not sure……..call us on Tel: 01282 698 698 we’d be happy to answer any questions that you may have.



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Congratulations Gail Thurston ‘Where’s Your T-Shirt’ Competition

Gail already won £50.00’s for her winning T-Shirt entry in August but she is now crowned the OVERALL winner of our Summer Kettlercise® ‘Where’s your T-Shirt’ competition and a cheque for £200,00 is already winging its way to her.

Gail has been known to take her Kettlercise® kettlebells out clubbing but she then went one better and trekked all the way up Mount Snowdon (the highest mountain in Wales) not only wearing her Official Kettlercise® T-shirt but carrying her Kettlercise® Kettlebell too.  She
must have been exhausted by the time she got to the top!!

Here at Kettlercise® HQ we would like to thank everyone who took the time and effort to enter our ‘Where’s your T-Shirt’ competition by sending in photo’s……we really did have some great pictures.

We imagine Gail will be out celebrating this weekend with her friends and clients and I’m sure the first round will be on her too!!


Kettlercise Helps Users To Achieve Results Fast

The Kettlercise Class is going down a storm in gyms around the Country…Kettlercise_Class_Workout_AyeshaMir

Feature from Workout Magazine.